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Damages Claims In Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Truck accident cases tend to present a different set of legal and practical problems from those typical of car accident claims. Most obviously, the injuries tend to be much worse and often fatal. You'll also find out that there's a big difference between fighting over damages under a $50,000 car insurance policy and reaching into commercial liability coverage that usually starts at $1 million, if not more.

When policies have that sort of limit and the injuries are so severe, insurers will fight tooth and nail to minimize the financial impact on their bottom line. Our decades of experience in these sorts of cases mean that we know the value of your case, how to project confidence to the insurers and what strategies are successful.

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Contact McGrady & McGrady in Hillsville to see what experienced personal injury attorneys can do if you or a family member got hurt in a truck accident in Southwest Virginia. We offer free consultations, and we can represent people who live in other states as well as those who reside in the area. We only collect an attorney fees if we successfully resolve your claims.

In accident cases involving semi tractor-trailers or other commercial vehicles, you may need a number of experts on your side to prove the technical aspects of both your liability and damages claims. We work with trucking industry experts, highway engineers, safety consultants and other specialists to show how errors in the operation or maintenance of the truck indicate negligence on the part of the driver or owner.

On the damages side, our lawyers work with treating physicians, consulting physicians, rehabilitation therapists, economists and life-care planning experts to make sure that we can document and explain every dollar your claim demand. Our attention to detail on the damages side of your case means that a strong presentation of your losses and future needs in settlement negotiations can avoid the need for a trial.

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Our Carroll County truck wreck lawyers have over 67 combined years of experience with the recovery of damages in complex accident cases, including semi truck collisions. For sound advice and superior client service in personal injury or wrongful death litigation related to a commercial vehicle crash, contact McGrady & McGrady at 276-779-4451 for a free consultation in Hillsville.