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Immediate and future impacts must be considered in divorce

Family law cases are sometimes challenging because they deal largely with loved ones. It's necessary to try to balance the practical side of things with the emotional side. This can make it much more difficult to find the solutions to problems that arise. We can work with you to come up with suitable answers to the issues in your case.

Divorces are one of the issues that can be complex because of the many aspects of life that are impacted by the decisions that are made. Not only do you have to divide up assets and debts, you also have to figure out what's going to happen with the children.

Consider how property and debt division can impact you in divorce

The decision to divorce isn't one that's taken lightly. This is especially true when you've been married decades. In these cases, you'll have a lot to think about before you act.

If you accumulated considerable assets during the marriage, you have to start thinking about how to divide those. This can be challenging because you and your spouse might want the same assets, and nobody may want the responsibility of paying the debts. Your attorney can help you determine what options might be possible for property division as you go through this process.

Don't run from an aggressive dog

One of the most common instinctive responses, when an aggressive dog charges, is to run. Maybe you were already running, just jogging by a home in your neighborhood, when a dog exploded out from behind the fence. Your brain tells you to kick it into gear and sprint away from the animal.

Don't do it. Experts warn that, though this is your natural instinct, it typically puts you in a worse situation. It can get the dog riled up. The dog is a predator, after all, and running makes you appear to be prey. Its natural instinct is to chase, so it may only be more aggressive when you try to get away.

What factors can elevate a DUI to a felony offense?

Facing criminal charges involving drunk driving is a threat to your future and your personal freedoms. You know how important it is to protect your interests through a strong defense strategy, especially if the charge against you is a felony DUI. This is a serious offense, and the penalties associated with a felony can change the course of your life.

There are certain factors that can elevate a misdemeanor DUI to a felony DUI. In addition to the possibility of spending time behind bars, you may also face consequences that include large fines and a mark on your criminal record that can affect the rest of your life. Fortunately, a conviction or guilty plea is not your only option. With the right legal support, you can effectively confront a felony DUI charge.

Emotional triggers are common during a divorce

When a marriage ends, there are certain emotions that come with it. These might surprise some people because they may expect that they'd be happy that the relationship is over. The fact is that starting a new life as a single person is a big change for a person who's become accustomed to having someone else to share daily life with.

The recovery process that comes with this situation is a lengthy one. You may find that you have a roller coaster of emotions to deal with. Just as you've gotten one under control, a new one creeps up. This cycle can continue throughout the first year and beyond.

You have 2 years to file a claim after a car wreck with injuries

Getting out on the roads in Virginia means that you're putting your trust in other drivers to drive safely. This happens most of the time, but when you do come across an unsafe driver, there is a chance that you might end up getting into an accident. Unfortunately, there is a chance that a crash could mean that you end up with a catastrophic injury.

When you're injured in a wreck, you may need medical care. This can be costly for you, especially if the situation is serious. Things like spinal cord damage or a brain injury can mean that you need extensive care immediately, but there is also a chance that you'll need considerable care in the future.

Watch for signs that your marriage is weakening

The decision to divorce usually comes up slowly over time. There are a few things that signal that you might be heading toward the end of the marriage. It is imperative that you watch for these signs, so you can act if you want to save the union.

One thing that can mean the marriage is over is that you and your spouse don't try to resolve disagreements any longer. Even if only one person stonewalls the other, there is a good chance that those unsolved issues will fester to the point that they destroy the marriage.

Create a defense strategy that tells your side of the matter

Facing criminal charges means that you are looking at possible incarceration, fines and other penalties. These have to remain at the forefront of your mind when you are in this situation so that you can determine how to combat the charges. On top of thinking about this, you also need to think about what defense options you have.

One of the important things you have to think about is how you are going to tell your side of the story. You need to consider how your side might appear to the jury so that you know what you should do. It is imperative that your defense is based solely on fact but how you relay those facts can have an impact on the outcome of the case.

Planning to ride a motorcycle during the winter? Pay attention

You may be someone who loves riding your motorcycle every month of the year. Though many people choose to store their motorcycles for the winter, you choose to get out on the road as much as possible despite the cold. Of course, you understand that riding in the winter months can come with more hazards than other times of the year.

Still, a few risks will not keep you off the Virginia roadways; you just make sure to stay vigilant and make accommodations for those hazards.

Protect your children as you work out custody terms

Going through a divorce challenges everyone involved, especially the children. They might not understand exactly what's going to happen, and this can cause them stress. It is imperative that you take the time to ensure that they are protected through the process. This doesn't have to be difficult, but it will take some effort.

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