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When a DUI charge includes child endangerment or abuse charges

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You drive with children in your vehicle all the time. You are a safe driver, and you always take good care of the children. However, just once, police suspected you of driving drunk while you were hauling kids around. This is a serious offense in the state of Virginia, and the consequences you are now facing because of this alleged DUI can be life-changing.

If you find yourself charged with driving drunk with children in your car, you probably have a lot of questions. A few of them might be: What are the consequences associated with this offense? Is it possible to fight the charges filed in my case?


When it comes to the DUI charge, typical consequences include jail time, license suspension, fines and court-ordered rehabilitation. The severity of each of these offenses depends on a number of things, such as:

  • How many DUI offenses you have on your record
  • If anyone received an injury or died due to your alleged drunk driving
  • The age of the children in your car

Along with these consequences, you stand to lose your parental rights if convicted. Child Protective Services generally opens an investigation any time an adult stands accused of driving drunk with children in his or her vehicle.

Possible defense strategies

Fighting DUI, child endangerment and child abuse charges will not prove an easy feat. Prosecuting attorneys will do what they can to achieve conviction and maximum penalties. This does not mean your case is hopeless. Here’s the thing: sobriety tests used roadside and at the police station aren’t always reliable. One defense strategy would be to invalidate test results. A few others might include medical condition, improper stop and Miranda violations — among various others.

There is a lot on the line

When a DUI charge includes child endangerment or abuse charges, there is so much on the line. You can lose your freedom and your children, among other things.

You do not have to sit back and let the prosecution run the show. You do not have to let police push you around and accept whatever punishment may be coming your way. You can put up a fight. You can take steps to defend yourself. Thankfully, you do not have to do that alone. With the right assistance, you can do everything possible to achieve the best outcome possible.

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