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What are some ways to control road rage?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

While dealing with rushed schedules and endless back-ups on the road can be irritating, letting it affect your driving only puts you and others at risk for an accident.

Road rage is a dangerous phenomenon where a driver tries to run another person off the road or otherwise acts aggressively. This can lead to severe car accidents and injuries, especially if you are on a highway or a busy road.

Rethink the situation

According to NBC News, many people may start to feel angry when witnessing drivers break road rules or speed over the limit. Instead of thinking about them as erratic rulebreakers, frame the issue in another way in your mind.

Think about the reasons why someone may be rushing, such as needing to go to the hospital. Although it may not always work, it can help you empathize better with others instead of focusing on your anger.

Listen to your radio

Playing audiobooks or your favorite music may help you stay calm and collected. Not only can it give you something other than your anger to focus on, but it can also still allow you to look directly at the road.

Give yourself extra time

Commuting under a tight schedule can make anyone feel upset and irritated. Giving yourself more time to get ready and drive to your destination can help you keep a positive attitude.

Sharing a ride with other people can also help you curb your worst tendencies. Having someone there to talk to can help you express your negative emotions without endangering anyone in another car by driving wildly. Road rage can be greatly prevented with some planning.

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