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What are common signs of road rage?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

While many drivers struggle to find their way around on busy roads or confusing turns, others may feel inclined to act aggressively behind the wheel.

Learning about the signs of road rage can help you notice when others are driving dangerously.

Erratic actions

According to NBC News, quick and unpredictable turns can cause serious accidents. If someone feels road rage, he or she may be prone to changing lanes and swerving in and out of other people’s way.

Rude gestures or inappropriate exchanges coming from another driver may lead to further irritation. Yelling or honking a car horn repeatedly can escalate to a physical attack if the person tries to exit his or her vehicle and approach you.

Short following distance

Aggressively tailgating someone else is an intimidation tactic some drivers use. You may notice a lack of proper and safe space between your car and the other vehicle that is behind you.

Not only will you not have as much time to react in this situation, but it also increases the likelihood of a crash if there is an obstacle in front of you on the road.

Broken speeding laws

Someone with road rage will often disregard the speed limits in order to tailgate or intimidate another driver. Not only can this lead to missing a stop sign or running a red light, but it can also lead to sideswiping another vehicle without warning.

Anger on the road is something to take seriously since many car crashes can occur when someone reacts while blinded by rage. Knowing the warning signs of this issue can help you determine if a driver is acting strangely.

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