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What are some signs of drowsy drivers?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Looking around while you drive may leave you with the realization that some people have not rested for a long time. Sleepiness may only seem like a small problem at first, but this issue can greatly impact how someone drives.

Being aware of the signs of drowsiness is one way to help yourself after a motor vehicle accident.

Head and eyes facing down

According to the United States Department of Transportation, anything from a long shift at a job to medications that cause sleepiness can influence someone’s mental and physical state when driving. If you see a driver bobbing their head down or slumping in their seat, it could be a sign that they are dozing off.

Closed eyes or eyes that flutter open and then close could also show that someone is trying to stay awake but failing.

Hands off the wheel

When you see another driver who has their hands off the wheel or appears to be constantly reaching down, this could be a sign that they are falling asleep. As a person feels less awake, they tend to lose their grip on the wheel and relax their arms.

Car drifting in and out of a lane

If you see a car drifting in and out of a lane, you may realize that the driver is drowsy. This can become even more dangerous at night since some cars are harder to see than others in the distance.

No matter what destination you have in mind, being aware of the ways drowsy drivers can cause accidents is key.

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