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What are some signs of a motorcycle helmet that fits?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2023 | Personal Injury |

In the realm of motorcycle safety, a properly fitting helmet is important. It can quite literally be a matter of life and death in the unfortunate event of a collision.

Discerning motorcyclists ought to look for certain telltale signs that their helmet fits properly.

Snug yet not constricting

The helmet needs to fit your head snugly, but not make you feel any discomfort when putting it on. Additionally, you should not notice it exerting pressure on your skull.

Accurate sizing

Helmets come in many sizes, making it important to select the appropriate one for your unique head dimensions and shape. Measuring your head’s circumference and consulting the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines can help you ensure a correct fit.

Secure chin strap

The chin strap should fasten securely under your chin, permitting unobstructed mouth movement. If it hangs too loose, it could jeopardize your helmet’s stability during a collision, while excessive tightness could lead to discomfort and hinder breathing.

Steady positioning

After properly fastening the chin strap, the helmet should stay stable on your head when subjected to gentle shaking. Any movement or rotation means the helmet is too loose and incapable of providing adequate protection in the event of an accident.

Unobstructed sightline

When wearing your helmet, ensure that your eyes align with the upper edge of the eye port or shield. This guarantees a clear and unhindered view of the road ahead.

Pressure point assessment

Make sure to pay attention to any discomfort stemming from pressure points when wearing your helmet for the first time. Any discomfort may indicate an ill-suited helmet for your head shape.

Attention to ears and cheek pads

The helmet’s cheek pads should gently but securely embrace your cheeks without any pain or tightness. You should be able to put your fingers between the pads and your cheeks with minimal resistance.

Although motorcyclists only made up 14% of fatalities on the road in 2021, riders still need to know what to wear to protect themselves. Buying an appropriately fitting helmet is an investment in your personal safety. Finding the best one for your head shape should be your focus before using your motorcycle.

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