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Reduce the chance of co-parenting conflicts with your ex

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | Family Law |

Conflicts in co-parenting are bound to happen at some point. Making plans to address these before tensions rise can help you to determine the best way to resolve the contentious matter. There are several things that you can do before an issue arises that can benefit you greatly.

First, put the past to sleep. Thinking about what led to the divorce isn’t going to make the child custody arrangements any easier. Instead, keep your thoughts focused on the relationship between your ex and your child and how much your child benefits from it. This can make it easier to work with your ex.

Second, focus entirely on your child. They must be at the heart of every decision you make. Think about what they need and want so those factors govern your choices regarding custody.

Third, make sure you understand exactly what’s going on. Misunderstandings can make it challenging to avoid disagreements. Don’t be afraid to talk to your ex about why they feel their option is the best choice. Be willing to look at both sides objectively so you know you are evaluating everything properly.

Fourth, you need always to remain respectful. Your tone and word choices have a significant impact on how conversations will go. By keeping these in check, you may avoid some conflicts. Additionally, you are setting an excellent example for your children.

Finally, ensure that the parenting plan you have in place outlines the more important points governing your children. This is a written document you can review when problems come up. If there are matters that you can’t resolve with your ex, turning to the court might be necessary.

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