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Planning to ride a motorcycle during the winter? Pay attention

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You may be someone who loves riding your motorcycle every month of the year. Though many people choose to store their motorcycles for the winter, you choose to get out on the road as much as possible despite the cold. Of course, you understand that riding in the winter months can come with more hazards than other times of the year.

Still, a few risks will not keep you off the Virginia roadways; you just make sure to stay vigilant and make accommodations for those hazards.

Pay attention to traction

If your motorcycle loses traction, it can be easy for you to lose control of the motorcycle. Unfortunately, a loss of control could quickly lead to a serious accident. As a result, you want to watch out for issues that could cause your motorcycle to lose traction, like the following:

  • Snow
  • Obvious signs of ice
  • Hidden ice, such as patches in shaded areas of the road or in low-lying areas
  • Cold tires
  • Salt on the roadways

Any of these issues and more could reduce the grip your tires have on the road and increase your chances of a crash, so it is wise to plan for those issues accordingly.

Pay attention to your equipment

You probably love your motorcycle more than many of your other possessions. As a result, you do what you can to take care of it. Still, motorcycle maintenance is even more important during the winter months. Salt collected on your vehicle from riding on winter roads could easily cause corrosion that could affect how well the various parts of your motorcycle work.

Of course, another important part of your motorcycle equipment that you need to check is your tires. If they wear out, they are already at risk of having poor traction in addition to the previously mentioned factors that could reduce traction. Therefore, make sure that your tires are in good condition and right for winter riding.

Pay attention to yourself

Cold weather affects the body differently than warm weather. You may have less dexterity in your fingers and hands when riding in the cold, which can hinder your driving abilities. Additionally, the cold can make you more tired and can affect your concentration. All of these issues could put you at greater risk of an accident.

Even if you do your best to remain a safe motorcyclist during the winter months, other drivers may not take precautions to drive safely or may not even think about being on the lookout for motorcycles during this time of year. If someone else’s negligence results in an accident that leaves you injured, you may want to consider your legal options for seeking compensation.

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