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Watch for signs that your marriage is weakening

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2020 | Family Law |

The decision to divorce usually comes up slowly over time. There are a few things that signal that you might be heading toward the end of the marriage. It is imperative that you watch for these signs, so you can act if you want to save the union.

One thing that can mean the marriage is over is that you and your spouse don’t try to resolve disagreements any longer. Even if only one person stonewalls the other, there is a good chance that those unsolved issues will fester to the point that they destroy the marriage.

Another sign is that you don’t feel the emotional connection that you did before. Some people say that they’ve fallen out of love. You might not like your spouse very much, and this can be a hard realization to overcome.

At some point, you might begin to focus on anything that isn’t the marriage. Parents will begin to focus on their children, and this might make things more manageable for the short-term. Once the children leave the home, you might not have that focus. This could make the situation with the marriage much more noticeable.

You might start to fantasize about what life will be like if you were single. This is another sign that you have to do some work if you hope the marriage will last.

If the union ends up not working out, you need to ensure that you protect yourself throughout the process. Try not to rush through the filing process until you are prepared to begin your new life and are able to handle working through the negotiations for things like property division.

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