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Emotional triggers are common during a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Family Law |

When a marriage ends, there are certain emotions that come with it. These might surprise some people because they may expect that they’d be happy that the relationship is over. The fact is that starting a new life as a single person is a big change for a person who’s become accustomed to having someone else to share daily life with.

The recovery process that comes with this situation is a lengthy one. You may find that you have a roller coaster of emotions to deal with. Just as you’ve gotten one under control, a new one creeps up. This cycle can continue throughout the first year and beyond.

Sometimes, there’s a specific trigger that sets off the emotions. Something as simple as seeing a commercial for a favorite place to go on a date night with your ex might make you feel sad. Memories are also triggers that might come up suddenly.

Many situations that come with the split can also cause you to be emotional. Holidays are likely going to pose a problem because you’ve become used to doing things a specific way. Since you don’t have these same things going on this year, you might feel a sense of loss. Trying to come up with new ways to celebrate special days like birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas might be beneficial.

Another trigger that might make you feel upset or even awkward is the loss of friends who choose to stick by your ex or who just ignore both of you. It isn’t easy to lose people who you were close to; however, this is an important step to finding the independence you crave after the divorce.

Throughout the divorce process, you have to remember to do what’s in your best interests. There isn’t any reason for you to add financial stress or any other negativity to your life because of the terms of the divorce.

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