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Sentence possibilities might impact your defense strategy

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

When you’re charged with a crime, you need to learn about the possible sentences that you’re facing. Your attorney can help you find out this information, and some might be able to give you an idea of what trends the judge presiding over your case tends to favor. This information doesn’t provide you with hard information that you can count on when you develop your defense but it can help you determine how you want to handle your case.

There are many different types of sentences that you might face. The crime that you’re facing is one of the primary factors that will determine this. Each criminal act has a suggested sentence range associated with it. This is what the judge presiding over the case will consider if you plead guilty or are found guilty of the crime.

Incarceration, fines, probation, restitution and community service are some of the sentences commonly imposed. It’s also possible for a person to face court-ordered rehabilitation or to go through an alternative sentence like drug court.

On top of the suggested sentence range, the court will also look into your criminal history and the likelihood that you’ll do the same thing again. Typically, defendants who have already been convicted of a specific crime will have a hasher penalty if they commit that same crime again.

Sometimes, the court doesn’t have much leeway when handing down a sentence. Instead, they have to abide by mandatory minimum sentences. These are usually reserved for more serious charges, but you need to find out if one applies to your case, so you can factor that into your defense strategy.

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