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Suffolk car accident caused by escaped horses

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Few people in Virginia may argue that car accidents are not typically just that: accidents. There often is no actual intent to cause harm on the part of anyone involved. At the same time, however,  it may go without saying that liability for such an incident lies with at least one person or party.

Assigning that liability may become more difficult, however, if the one whom most might assume it belongs to is not aware of the dangers their actions or oversight caused. This is especially in instances where one may not have directly caused a car accident, but rather inadvertently lost of left their property in the road (thus creating a hazard for other drivers).

Horses on roadway cause multi-vehicle collision

Most might assume such incidents to result when an item falls from a vehicle’s load, yet there may be instances where a pet or livestock finds their way on to the road. Such was the case in a recent car accident that occurred in Suffolk. According to the Associated Press, authorities responded to calls of horses running on the roadway. Two different vehicles eventually struck the animals, killing them both. Investigators now must determine who the animals belonged to, and how they came to be on the roadway.

Holding property owners responsible for car accidents

One might think that the net result of such an accident is a loss of one’s property. Yet in this particular case, one of the drivers involved suffered injuries. When such an accident produces this type of outcome, victims may find themselves facing inordinate medical expenses and vehicle repair costs. They may have little choice but to seek compensation from the property owners. Earning such compensation may have a better chance of success when one has experienced legal assistance to rely on.

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