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3 types of photos to take after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Very soon after a car collision, the accident scene quickly becomes flooded with first responders and others coming to assist. Road crews remove vehicle debris off of the streets and tow trucks haul the damaged cars away.

Before this all happens, snapping photographs of your surroundings helps preserve any evidence for future use in personal injury or insurance claims.

1. Accident scene

In order to give you a more complete, visual story to support your personal injury case, take pictures and videos of debris, traffic signs and patterns, skid marks, road conditions, surrounding businesses, weather conditions, and anything else related to the accident. These photographs add to what

2. Vehicle damage

Photograph your own vehicle’s damage as well as the conditions of other cars involved in the accident. Make sure to include any internal damage to the vehicles, including any deployed airbags. These pictures may help to show the severity of the crash and could hold clues as to how the accident happened.

Again, this preserves evidence for future use in the event that your mechanic repairs your car soon.

3. Injury progression

If you have injuries from the accident, have someone help you take pictures and video of all affected parts of your body from a variety of distances and angles. Focus on any stitches, bruising, casts, scarring and any permanently crippled body part.

Overall, take more pictures than you think you will need. The more pictures, the more visual support you will have for your motor vehicle accident claims.

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