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How does parental alienation affect a child’s behavior?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2021 | Family Law |

Parental alienation often manifests in different ways in a child. This makes it somewhat difficult to get a good feel for how badly they end up affected and how severe the parental alienation tactics are.

But in almost every case of parental alienation, you will notice a difference in how your child behaves. In fact, behavioral changes often tip parents off that something is amiss. In what ways does parental alienation affect a child’s behavior?

Angry emotional disturbances

Psychology Today examines parental alienation from different angles. This includes how a child’s behavior may change in the wake of this abusive treatment. Behaviorally, most parents first notice the change as it relates to them directly. In other words, they notice when a child grows more hostile and unwelcoming toward them.

Children suffering from parental alienation often display anger, agitation and reluctance toward spending time with you. They may lash out at you. They can also sometimes get overly-critical, criticizing everything you do or say. Even if they had no issues before, this can change seemingly overnight.

Emergence of depression and guilt

They can also go through other changes that do not directly relate to you. Many children may seem depressed, reticent and withdrawn. They could seem gloomy and may retract from contact with their peers and other loved ones.

Some children grow restless and angry. They may display their aggression through combative behavior. They could get into fights with peers and disrespect figures of authority. They often lack sufficient explanation for their actions.

If you notice your child displaying such signs, consider speaking to a legal expert. They can help you decide how to tackle this possible case of parental alienation.

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