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How can you work well together while co-parenting?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Family Law |

Co-parenting after a divorce may leave you feeling drained, especially if you are fighting over important topics like childcare or schooling.

Learning how to deal with that stress can help you feel stronger and more resilient. Cooperating well with your ex-spouse also can lead to a healthier childhood for your children.

Stay polite

According to Healthline, being formal and direct while texting or calling is the best way to communicate with your ex-spouse if you have a tense relationship. Do not bring up old topics or problems from before the divorce.

By staying on topic and avoiding off-topic arguments, you can have a productive conversation with your ex-spouse.

Listen well

Do not interrupt or try to change the subject while talking with your ex-spouse, but reply directly to what he or she says. Not only will you avoid confusing miscommunications, but it will also strengthen the bond between you both.

It can help to check that you understood what he or she was trying to say as the conversation continues. Repeating what your co-parent told you in your own words and then asking if it was correct may help you both.

Be a team

Stress often happens when two people disagree and cannot find common ground. From bedtimes to school disciplinary problems, you will likely need help from your ex-spouse at some point while parenting.

Laying out the rules and being clear about what you both want can help you two to work as a team instead of two separate entities. Giving each other advanced notice for any trips or vacations is another way to respect one another. Co-parenting can be rewarding when you both learn to work together.

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