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Does Virginia law enforcement have ticket quotas?

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2021 | Traffic Violations |

If you received a traffic ticket last year, you are not alone. Even with police pulling over fewer drivers in 2020 due to COVID, Virginia law enforcement still issued more than 100,000 tickets for traffic violations around the state. With that number in mind, have you ever wondered if police officers have ticket quotas to meet?

In March 2021, a Virginia State Police supervisor sent an email asking troopers to increase daily ticket numbers. Although a VSP spokesperson said the department does not have ticket quotas, VSP has acknowledged that ticket numbers are part of officers’ evaluations. If you have received a recent traffic violation ticket, this news may impact you.

Troopers reporting an ongoing issue

According to Sean McGowan of the Virginia Police Benevolent Association, troopers are reporting that ticket numbers have been an ongoing issue within Virginia’s police department. For some, it has been going on in their careers for as long as 20 years. In the March email from a VSP sergeant, the supervisor wrote that he expected his troopers to write no less than five daily tickets.

State police association working to ban ticket quotas

Now, with more than 800 troopers as part of its membership, the Virginia Police Benevolent Association is working to make changes to law enforcement policies that include ticket numbers. To do this, the group is pushing for a legislative bill that seeks to put more discretion in the hands of troopers. As of now, legislators have not started drafting yet.

Traffic violations impact thousands of Virginians every year. This news can help you stay informed about local traffic policies that may also impact you.

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