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How can distractions impact a driver’s reaction time?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Every safe driver needs to know how to notice other drivers or obstacles in their way and avoid them in time to prevent a crash.

Distracted drivers commonly have worse reaction times and struggle to pay attention to the road. Knowing the factors that influence this issue can help you if another driver involves you in a crash.

Slower physical reaction

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every second a driver loses to opening a bag of chips or turning around in their seat to talk to a passenger is a second less this person has to avoid a collision. People who take their hands off the wheel or move around in their seats often do not have time to readjust if they notice an accident about to happen.

If you make a turn or change lanes, then drivers around you need to slow down or allow you to pass. They cannot do that if they are unable to reach the wheel in time.

Unfocused mind

A lack of concentration on the task at hand can leave drivers struggling to react in time to obstacles. If people are thinking about a text message or a conversation with a family member, then they may not notice other drivers around them.

Distractions like car passengers talking or the radio blaring can also draw someone’s mind away from the road and leave them at risk for an accident. Hesitating a few seconds to swerve away from another car or hit the brakes may cause a crash. Even the most minor of distractions can impact how safe people are on the road.

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