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Most dangerous mechanical failures with motorcycles

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motorcycle accidents often happen because of driver error. They can also occur because of mechanical failure.

Whatever the cause of a wreck, the injuries are sometimes devastating. When it comes to manufacturer malfunctions, suing may be the only way to hold a manufacturer responsible in some cases.

Malfunctioning steering mechanisms

Motorcycles are impossible to control when vital gears break. A driver who is unable to turn is likely to hit someone. Another possibility is that the operator could smash into a barrier. Both outcomes have a high probability of injury.

Malfunctioning brakes

The ability to stop is essential for any roadworthy vehicle. This truth goes double for motorcyclists. Consider the fact they have no protection beyond helmets and jackets. Hog dealers selling rides with faulty braking mechanisms put lives at risk.

Malfunctioning chains

Motorcycle roller chains can slip or break, thus causing cycles to skid out. For this reason, they must receive plenty of lubrication and be at the correct tension level. New bikes should have this already done.

Malfunctioning batteries

Batteries in inactive choppers may corrode. In worst-case scenarios, they might explode. The official recommendation is that bikers travel at least 25 miles a week. As an alternative, they should hook batteries to charge maintainers when not riding.

Malfunctioning tires

Wobbling wheels are an obvious threat. Dealers suggesting ones of the wrong size may be guilty of triggering an accident. Worn rubber is another matter. Tire companies must make sure their products have the proper thickness.

The expense of medical care for a motorcycle crash does not depend on the reason. Litigation against the responsible party is often the most appropriate response.

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