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Can a car accident cause you to suffer an asthma attack?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you have asthma, it is important to understand what your triggers are. By avoiding perfume, smoke, pollen and other irritants, you can continue to breathe freely. Still, you must continue to take your prescription medication and carry a rescue inhaler with you everywhere you go.

Regrettably, even if you are diligent, something beyond your control may cause you to have a potentially catastrophic asthma attack. That is, if you have a car accident, you may experience an unexpected and potentially deadly asthma flare-up.

What causes asthma?

According to the American Lung Association, doctors are not certain what causes asthma. If you have the condition, though, you may have difficulty breathing due to constricted airways and excessive production of mucus.

Stressful events can be asthma triggers. Because car accidents are inherently stressful, you may find it difficult to breathe after having even a seemingly minor collision. Without your rescue inhaler, an asthma attack can quickly turn deadly.

How can you protect yourself?

It is important to understand your limitations as an asthma sufferer. Even if you have access to your regular medication and rescue inhaler, you may not be able to stop an asthma attack. Therefore, it is a good idea to visit the emergency room for a complete medical evaluation after a car accident.

If you are having an asthma attack, though, you should certainly go to the hospital. Doctors there may use breathing treatments or other measures to return your breathing to normal. Remember, a stress-related asthma attack may not happen immediately after an accident, so you should remain on high alert until your mental state normalizes.

Ultimately, if you suffer additional injuries during an accident-related asthma attack, you may have good grounds to pursue financial compensation to help you cover your medical expenses.

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