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3 dangers of performing U-turns

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The necessity of making a U-turn while driving may occur on occasion, especially when you are not certain of the area or pass the entrance of your destination. DriveSafeOnline notes that almost 25% of car accidents occur at intersections, with U-turns playing some role in these wrecks.

Not all U-turns result in a moving violation; however, they may increase the risk of a car wreck and serious bodily injury for both drivers and passengers.

1. Limited vision

Drivers who attempt to make a U-turn may have limited visibility, especially if many buildings or trees occupy the sides of each intersection. Those making a U-turn may not see others turning legally on the light and cause an accident.

2. Driver speed

U-turns can increase the risk of an accident because of the speed at which they sometimes occur. Drivers sometimes take these turns at a high rate of speed, which may increase the risk of vehicle tipping. Trucks and SUVs may experience tipping more often, especially during fast or unstable turns.

3. Blind curves

Drivers who make U-turns may put themselves in danger when doing so near blind curves. Motorists traveling in the other direction may not have proper visibility and strike a turning vehicle before they can brake or prevent a serious accident. Side impact crashes, which may cause catastrophic injuries, may occur during these types of U-turns.

Drivers who need to make a U-turn may want to make note of road signs and remain aware of local U-turn laws to avoid fines, citations and injuries.

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