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What do head injuries after car crashes look like?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

After getting into a car crash that resulted in a head injury, it is not uncommon for a brain injury to follow.

It is important to know the signs of moderate to severe head injury so that the victim can get quick and necessary treatment.

How head injuries cause brain trauma

Mayo Clinic discusses traumatic brain injuries. These injuries often stem from impact damage to the head itself, which causes the brain to bang into the interior of the skull. This can result in bruising, bleeding and swelling which may lead to a number of dangerous side effects and even brain damage.

Head injuries in the aftermath of a car crash can look bad because the head tends to bleed a lot when cut. However, it is impossible to tell the true extent of a head injury without a medical professional looking it over.

All head injury victims should see a doctor in the wake of a car crash. However, people with moderate to severe injuries need more immediate medical attention.

How moderate to severe injuries manifest

A moderate to severe head injury will typically manifest in several ways both physically and behaviorally.

Physically, victims may experience periods of unconsciousness or even fall into a coma. They could have trouble with their senses, including blindness, ringing in the ears, or a lost or inaccurate sense of taste or smell. Problems with fine or general motor control are not unusual, along with balance.

Behaviorally, they may seem more agitated or aggressive. They could also suffer from confusion and memory loss. It is important to take them to medical care even if they insist on refusing.

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